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Happy Women’s Day 2022!

These days, when we all stand with Ukraine we should not forget about the crucial role of #women in stabilising the world. An International Peace Institute study showed that when #women participate, #peace agreements are more likely to last longer.

Source: Netherlands Helsinki Committee.

Especially now, in times of conflict, violence (physical, sexual, economic) rises dramatically and is often directed against women.

In order to stop it, I strongly believe we need more women’s participation in every sphere of social life. Without women empowerment, we will not transform our societies and bring equality and justice to our everyday life. After all, #feminism is one of the roads that lead to #humanism.
I’m sending my heart-most wishes to women in Ukraine and my female colleagues from DIS – Study Abroad, The Danish Foreign Policy Society and Lund University.

Happy Women’s Day 2022!!!