I hold PhD in Cultural Studies. I also graduated from East European Cultural Studies (MA), International Relations (MA & BA) and History (BA). I studied in Warsaw, Poland, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Spoiler alert: I am not a Russian troll.

I did my postdoctoral research at Lund University. My academic interests include memory politics in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, and the way they translate into security in the Northern-Central Europe.

I am External Consultant at the Danish Institute of International Studies and Lecturer at DIS Study Abroad. Among my many analytical activities, I co-authored the 2023 Warsaw Security Forum report.

Until 2021, I worked as a career diplomat at Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My last appointment was Vice-Consul at Poland’s Consulate General in Kaliningrad, Russia. Prior to that, I had been posted to Belgium (EU) and Malta (Maltese Presidency in EU Council). I also spent a fair share of time in the foreign policy planning unit of the Polish MFA.

I am a member of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies and the Polish US Alumni Association.